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POVA 5 Pro Leading the Design Trend in the Affordable Segment, Targeted Towards Digital Natives- दिल्ली देहात से

POVA 5 Pro Leading the Design Trend in the Affordable Segment, Targeted Towards Digital Natives- दिल्ली देहात से


After having created ripples in the smartphone market with the launch of Phantom V Fold and Camon 20 series, Tecno has managed to garner a lot of interest for its upcoming launch of POVA 5 pro with the promise to set newer benchmarks in the smartphone market. The brand recently announced the World of TECNOlogy show and we caught up with Mr. Arijeet Talapatra, CEO of Tecno India regarding upcoming World of TECNOlogy show and the most anticipated POVA 5 pro which is to be revealed during this 3-day technology extravaganza.

What is Tecno’s strategy to capture India’s market?

India market is most important for TECNO globally and we intend to create a long-term smartphone ecosystem by focusing on key parameters of Manufacturing, Supply Chain, After Sales service, Quality & R&D investments. Technology innovation for better localization constitutes the core DNA of TECNO. We are focusing on India with a long-term perspective and have adopted a strategy of ‘glocalization’, which combines global standards with local customization.

We’ve also applied a high amount of R&D to localized technological innovation, which has proven instrumental in shaping our product lineup to better suit the Indian market.

Living up to the philosophy of “STOP AT NOTHING”, TECNO’s product strategy has always been to provide ‘segment-first’ features across the extensive smartphone line-up. The same has been the highlight in the year’s mega launches like the Phantom X2 Pro with its unique retractable portrait camera, the biggest made-in-India fold phone, the Phantom V Fold, and the Camon 20 Premier 5G, with industry-first sensor shift and an RGBW pro camera, setting new industry standards.

To bring users closer to their innovations, TECNO has created an annual property, World of TECNOlogy, a first of its kind tech-showcase. The platform is specially curated for users to experience best-in-class offerings from TECNO across its diverse product portfolio. This event will be utilizing this platform for the grand reveal of the POVA 5 Series. The centrepiece of this event will be the unveiling of their new POVA 5 series.

Tell us more about the upcoming POVA Series?

POVA series is more than just a set of smartphones; it’s a representation of what young and confident users desire: POWER, SPEED, and PERFORMANCE. POVA powered by TECNO has ensured that every device delivers on these fronts. With the latest POVA 5 series, TECNO takes it a notch higher by tapping into the digital emotions resonating with today’s youth. TECNO knows how important it is to be unique and believes that every person has their own special qualities. Thus, we have made a phone with a unique Arc Interface with RGB LED backlight. The hero phone of the series, the POVA 5 Pro 5G is the perfect companion for those who put in dedicated effort and enthusiasm in their work to achieve their dreams. The design inspiration isn’t just aesthetic; it is the vibrant and diverse passions of the digital natives.

What is this 3D Texture Arc Interface, exactly?

The 3D Texture Arc Interface is all about making the phone fun and interactive. When you hold it, you’ll notice a unique feel because of its special design. And it doesn’t stop there. The phone’s multi-coloured LED backlight changes colours based on what you’re doing. For example, it might light up when you get a call, glow differently when listening to music, or show a special light when you’re charging it. It’s like the phone has its own way of communicating with you, making every moment with it interesting.

What does ‘Amazon Special’ signify for the POVA series?

POVA 5 series will be available on Amazon, a platform trusted by millions. In today’s digital age, where online shopping has become synonymous with convenience, Tecno’s partnership with Amazon shows its commitment to reach its digital savvy consumers efficiently. ‘Amazon Special’ is more than just a tag; it’s a promise. A promise of swift delivery, and perfect customer service.

What is TECNO’s strategy to reach out to e-commerce customers with POVA?

E-commerce customers are digital natives, they follow trends and they never settle for the second best and rather focus more on features. All of these make this consumer set more discerning and keeps the brand on its toes to continuously innovate in line with the latest trends while not compromising on the overall value proposition. The POVA series is a performance-oriented smartphone designed for young people’s gaming and social needs and flaunts features of interest to the digital natives at a price point that is very competitive.

How does TECNO ensure that it offers the best features at the best prices?

TECNO places great importance on local manufacturing, R&D and talent acquisition for delivering best-in-class indigenous solutions making it more economically viable to offer super-competitive prices even for the best-in-class technology. Tecno’s strength lies in its ability to understand and adapt. By recognising the diverse needs of the Indian market, Tecno is strategically positioning its products to cater to various segments. Their commitment to innovation, backed by their expansive product portfolio and customer-centric approach, ensures that they remain at the forefront of technological advancements.

In an age where smartphones often seem similar in terms of features and design, Tecno brings a fresh perspective. This customer-first approach, combined with their drive to bring cutting-edge technology to the masses, makes Tecno a brand to watch out for. Tecno promises more than just smartphones. It promises an experience, an evolution, and a future where technology truly resonates with the consumer’s heart and mind. For those on the lookout for a brand that brings innovation without compromise, the answer is clear: Tecno.