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Global PR Connect Pvt. Ltd.: Harnessing the Power of Empowering Brand Reputation- दिल्ली देहात से

Global PR Connect Pvt. Ltd.: Harnessing the Power of Empowering Brand Reputation- दिल्ली देहात से


Building brand reputation and reach has always been an important tool. In today’s hyper-connected world, be it an individual, small business, or large organisation, it is important to reach the target audience and enhance its reputation. Such steps help with building trust and credibility by conveying transparency, honesty, and authenticity, which can be shaped by Public Relations (PR). PR plays a crucial role in shaping a brand’s reputation and success. With the growing competition and the plethora of choices available in the market, a brand’s image is everything. For brands, public relations is about more than just generating media coverage. It’s about building a bond with their customers and community. By actively engaging with audiences, companies can demonstrate their values, mission, and commitment to providing a memorable customer experience. Global PR Connect Pvt. Ltd. (GPRC) is unlocking such power for brands and specialises in ways to manage and enhance the reputation of an organisation by creating positive interactions with the public, media, customers, employees, and other stakeholders.


Animesh Kumar and Saurav Lohani are the dynamic duos behind GPRC. These two have a passion for creating compelling strategies that go beyond just advertising and marketing. The CEO and Director of GPRC understand public relations not just as a job but as a passion. A passion that is dedicated to their client’s success and is always pushing themselves to stay on top of industry trends and techniques. Their enthusiasm and commitment to excellence make GPRC a standout agency in the field of public relations. Adding to it, Co-founder and director of GPRC, Animesh, says, “Our reputation as the go-to PR organisation in the region is a testament to our expertise and our commitment to excellence. We are a team of dedicated professionals who are always striving to stay ahead of the curve, utilising cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure our clients get the best results.” GPRC is a digital-first company that has worked with more than 500 clients and is connected to various industries, ranging from startup owners, social media influencers, academicians, business owners, corporate executives, artists, fashion celebrities, and politicians.


Their expertise lies in creating tailor-made strategies that align with the client’s goals to ensure they receive the best possible outcome. The company offers a pan-India service that covers more than 20 publications, ensuring maximum coverage and heightened brand visibility. Saurav, Co-founder and director of GPRC, quotes, “Our service does not stop at securing coverage. We also know how to tell compelling stories that resonate with the target audience. We believe that storytelling is a powerful tool that can connect brands with their audiences on a more personal level. By crafting stories that reflect the values of your brand, we can create a lasting impact that goes beyond just generating buzz.”


GPRC focuses mainly on three approaches: product, service, and personality, which are mainly focused on start-ups. The main element that makes them different from others is their affordable and tailor-made packages that suit the business’s needs and budget without compromising the quality of service. Be it personal profiles, company profiles, product placements, feature articles, interviews, press releases, etc., the company commits to providing tailor-made packages so every business can get a chance to tell their story and reach their target audience. So far, they have successfully published more than 3500 articles that have helped many brands and individuals capture audience attention. With such commitment and track records, GPRC stands as a digital platform that is helping clients establish a solid PR strategy, thus helping them to elevate their brand reputation and reach real-world results that make a difference.


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