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Chandrayaan-3 Live Updates: Countdown to Soft Landing on Moon’s South Pole Begins- दिल्ली देहात से

ISRO’s Chandrayaan-3 mission, launched on July 14, is all set to land on the surface of Moon on August 23. India’s mission to Moon will aim to land at the lunar South Pole, and is expected to remain functional for two weeks. Chandrayaan-3 will be used to conduct a series of experiments on the lunar surface. We’ll be bringing you live updates as the countdown to land on the Moon’s surface begins. Chandrayaan-3 landing may be delayed to August 27 if the lander module appears unfavourable, ISRO’s scientists have revealed. Follow this page for live updates, livestream of the landing, and track Chandrayaan-3 progress across the next two days.